Punta Nera Café Restaurant
The Punta Nera Café Restaurant is located in to the complex of Punta Nera Resort Suites in to St. Anargiri Ridges 200m. from Pera Gialos.
Here you will find local and fresh goods, home made cooking exclusively by the owners Olga and Tassos and over of 50 different tastes from all over the Greece.
With a great view to Aegean, Chora and Castle in a luxury place with quality music in a friendly environmental, you will enjoy the Lobster with black taliatelle, local crawfish with spaghetti and sauce of Fragkosiko, calamari in mustard sauce, cuttlefishes with spinach, octopus with peppers and aubergines, fresh fish of the day and a lot of salads and sea food snacks like oysters and sea urchin.
Reservation only, please call +30 6972097220 or +30 2243 0 61050 (9.00-15.00 and after 19.00.


Punta Nera Café Restaurant
Pera Gialos
GR-85900 Astypalaia


+30 22430 61050 or 61051
+30 22430 61843
Tassos Karageorgis, Olga Kollia-Karageorgis


Maistrali Restaurant
Maistrali Restaurant the restaurant and the view

Maistrali Restaurant
Maistrali Restaurant from outside
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